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About GlobeCert AB

The private company GlobeCert AB was established for global certification of mainly reinforcing steel, prestressed steel pc wire strands and reinforcing mesh. The organisation and business has developed to fulfil the requirements for product certification set by SWEDAC and The Ministry of the Environment in Finland. GlobeCert AB consists of several proficient employees that possesses wide knowledge in the current areas. We aim to stay as the leading actor of product certifications within the Nordic countries.

GlobeCert AB guarantees an impartial assessment by having an impartial committee whose task is to overlook and evaluate the strategy, policy and issued decisions made by the company. The committee is represented by persons with good understanding about the industry and are characterised by having both integrity and professionalism.

Briefly about SWEDAC and Ministry of the Environment
Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity and Ministry of the Environment is a national state governed body in Sweden and Finland who is responsible for security and reliability among products and services in Sweden and Finland. Furthermore they are in charge of questions concerning statutory technical control, meaning that they continuously executes proficiency testing amongst companies that handles analyses, tests, calibrations, certification, control and inspections of products. The functions of Swedac are based on international regulations and by standards accordingly to ISO/IEC 17011.

Anders Behm - COB

+46 (0)70- 863 81 55


Wiktor Behm -  CEO 

+46 (0)70- 244 41 84

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