Certification process

New certification

  • Fill in the application and send to us

  • Offer is sent to the customer

  • If the offer is accepted, we bill the certification costs

  • We request your quality documentation

  • A contract is established

  • Certification audit is made

  • A certificate is issued

  • Continuous audits

Certificate takeover

If the manufacturer previously has obtained a certificate from an accredited certification body, the certificate can be taken over

  • ​​Fill in the application and a statement regarding the reasons for changing certification body and send to us

  • Offer is sent to the customer 

  • We request a copy of the certificate and all documentation from the latest certification cycle (minimum 2 years)

  • A contract is established

  • The invoice is to be paid before the certificate is issued wich matches the previous certificate and the current time period


  • An inspection visit is made within 2 months after the certificate is issued

  • Continuous audits

All documents and information in a certification matter are classified and not disclosed to third parties without the applicant's permission.

Visit and delivery address:

Allégatan 13

SE-777 31 Smedjebacken