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Suggestions and complaints

Fill out the form and make a detailed description of the complaint/proposal.

GlobeCert AB's management team assesses whether the complaint is justified and appoints one or more persons, who are not involved in the process, responsible to make a decision on the complaint.

GlobeCert AB's management team analyzes the decision on the complain and provides a written response to the complainant within a period of one month. Desicion made by GlobeCert AB´s management team can be appealed.

Appeals must be made in writing to GlobeCeet AB's impartiality committee, which decides what measures to take. Decision made by the impartiality committee can be appealed. If so, all interested parties shall deal with the case in an arbitration panel consisting of three persons of which the parties appoint one member each and the chairman shall be an impartial lawyer.

Application for suggestions and complaints

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