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Global certification in the steelmarket of the nordic region

GlobeCert AB is accredited by

Information about this accreditations scope is available on website


Global certification

Within the nordic region aswell as the baltic states for reinforcing steel, PC wire and welding

GlobeCert AB is accredited by

SWEDAC according to

Maintenance of certifications

SS-EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 

SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

We are funded through fees for certifications and maintenance of certifications.

What we offer

GlobeCert AB guarantees an objective assessment through an impartial committee whose task is to review and evaluate the companys strategy, policy and issue decisions on certification.

Signing Forms

We here at Globecert is the biggest certification body for reinforcing steel in the Nordic region. 

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Offering quality and professional testings to our customers.

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Type approval

We can now offer Type approval for Finland

at GlobeCert.


Latest news

Our ambition is to meet the customer's wishes in the best possible way.

Certification and type approval

Within the nordic regions and the baltic states

We can offer certification for reinforcing steel, PC wire and welding processes as well as type approval for reinforcing steel and PC-strand



Global certification for the nordic market

The organization and operations have been developed and adapted to meet the accreditation organization SWEDAC's rules and the Ministry of the Environment in Finland for product certification.

Our team

Meet our incredible team!

Anders Behm.jpg

Anders Behm


Certification Manager

+46 70-863 81 55

Svetlana Mazajeva.jpg

Svetlana Behm

Quality manager

Oliver Söderström (1).jpg

Oliver Söderström

Laboratory manager/

Certification manager

+46 70-697 66 51


Adam Reinholdsson

Laboratory assistant

+46 70-971 32 97

Wiktor Behm


Certification Manager

+46 70-244 41 84

Wiktor Behm.jpg

Sarah Klodner


+46 70-237 11 14

Sarah Klodner.jpg

Matti Ståhlberg

Type approval manager


+35 8400442921


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